Cello Maker

Charles Rufino has been making fine, concert cellos by hand for decades, using traditional techniques and materials. He trained in the finest shops of Europe and the United States, starting in 1974 and opening his own studio in 1983 in New York. His decades-long studies of great instruments from the Golden Age of violin making formed the foundation or his art which he brings to the creation of his new instruments using traditional techniques and the finest materials. Favored by demanding New York professionals Rufino instruments are commonly featured in live concerts, recordings, film scores, and radio and television broadcasts.

Violoncello 1999

Fine Cellos

Charles Rufino creates cellos that rival the masterpiece instruments created in 18th Century Italy by Stradivari, Guarneri and other illustrious makers. His instruments deliver exceptionally dark, rich, and robust beauty of tone, with great responsiveness, clarity, and focus whether at ppp or FFF. They provide a warm and full-throated foundation to any classical string ensemble or orchestra. Their power and projection are appropriate for a variety of musical needs. Whether in chamber, orchestral, or solo settings, a Charles Rufino cello offers unparalleled comfort to the player.

Handmade Cellos

Charles Rufino’s handmade cellos are favored by today’s classical musicians for their exuberant tone and ease of playability. Charles’s unwavering attention to the needs of the player allows him to create instruments of unparalleled comfort and responsiveness. He ensures players of his cellos have the freedom they only get with the security of knowing the cello will follow wherever they lead. Demanding professional musicians in New York know and trust his instruments, which are regularly featured in live concerts, recordings, film scores, and radio and television broadcasts.

These handmade cellos are not only a delight to play, they are beautiful to behold. The finest aged tonewoods are used to create unique works of art. Charles Rufino makes his own varnish in the 18th Century style to create a treasure of lasting beauty. A Rufino cello, crafted to be enjoyed for centuries, will be an excellent choice as a primary instrument or a companion to give your antique instrument a rest.

If you would like to arrange to play one of Charles’ fine cellos, or have any questions, please contact Charles at AMDG@rufinoviolins.com or by calling 212-581-6226.