Violin Maker

Charles Rufino makes fine, concert violins using traditional techniques and materials. He’s been a violin maker since 1974. After a European apprenticeship, he later worked as was a journeyman, restoring instruments in the finest shops of Europe and the United States, studying great examples of the Golden Age of violin making. After ten years of training, his hard-earned knowledge and experience formed a foundation which he brings to the creation of his new instruments using the finest materials. He has worked in the New York area since 1983.

2021 Studio Violin

1997 Studio Violin
2021 Solo Violin

Fine Violins

Charles Rufino creates violins that rival the violin masterpieces of 18th Century Italy by Stradivari and Guarneri. His instruments deliver exceptional richness and beauty of tone, with great responsiveness, clarity, and focus whether at ppp or FFF. They display power and projection appropriate for a variety of musical needs. Whether in chamber, orchestral, or solo settings, a Charles Rufino violin offers unparalleled comfort to the player and an elegant soundscape.

As flexible as his violins are, it’s important to note that no one instrument can do all things perfectly for all players. To meet the requirements of different musicians, he offers his Studio and Soloist models. Additionally, if you desire a particular outcome, you can discuss them with Charles, who will be happy to collaborate to create a custom instrument to suit your unique preferences.

Handmade Violins

Charles Rufino’s fine violins are renowned for their exuberant tone and playability. From the initial design through the final steps of creating his handmade violins, Charles’s uncompromising focus on the needs of the player result in instruments of unparalleled comfort and responsiveness. No detail is too negligible to be disregarded to ensure the player has unparalleled security and freedom in every performance. This is why demanding professional musicians in New York know and trust his instruments, which are regularly featured in live concerts, recordings, film scores, and radio and television broadcasts.

As delightful as these handmade violins are to play, they are also beautiful to look at. Charles uses the finest aged tonewood to create one-of-a-kind works of art. A varnish made by Charles himself is applied to enhance instrument tone and created an object of lasting visual beauty. A Charles Rufino violin is handmade with love and crafted to be cherished for lifetimes. They are an excellent choice as a primary instrument or as a companion to give your antique instrument a rest.

If you would like to arrange to play one of Charles’ fine violins, or have any questions, please contact Charles at or by calling 212-581-6226.